I have been so, so slack on here. I haven’t even been making notes like I usually do when I get behind. I blame it on a few things. First, I was sick Milly and I both were, but she was for longer. She even had a night where she threw up. It seems like until recently we didn’t have a week go by this year yet where everyone was healthy.

Secondly, I blame it on the Walking Dead video game. I was addicted to it, so I had to go ahead and beat it. I was like Heavy Rain, where it’s more like you’re playing out a movie than playing a game. It actually had some touching moments in it too.

Milly’s said some funny and weird things. At one point she insisted that Rosa was with Jesus. We were at the Verizon store today and she wanted to buy a case for a phone, or a phone, and when I told her we didn’t need to buy her one she told me, “The only right thing is to buy something.” No idea where she got that.

She’s chosen Amanda to stay with her for the two minutes when we put her down to sleep pretty often lately. That’s nice for Amanda, because she’s historically chosen me more often than not.

Easter was this past weekend. We went to church Friday evening. Went to Islands before that with the Frazelles, Brent, Alec, Michael, Peggy and Earl. Earl treated, then treated us all to Fuzzy Peach. Amy sat with us, then she joined us for Easter weekend in Richlands. Nick had to work all weekend and wouldn’t be able to be with the fam much anyway, so she rode with Amanda in the Jetta while Michael and I took the Escape with Milly, Eli, Ada and Harvey.

We had steak Saturday night then had s’mores. After the kids went to bed we played Game of Thrones. I had the Starks and was set up nicely, but Amanda’s Baratheons took over the south too quickly and she won. I’ve decided the four player setup needs more balance.

Went to Amanda’s parents’ church Sunday. Hung around the house a bit, watched basketball, went to Peggy and Earl’s, watched the kids dye eggs and watched Duke get beat down by Louisville.

Watching the game was a bit tough for me, because I was tense and prefer not to watch games, big ones in particular, with crowds.

Here’s the deal with basketball lately. Duke got screwed in the NCAA Tournament seeding by being put as a two seed in the bracket of the overall one seed, Louisville. They had a very good Sweet 16 win over Michigan State and the game stayed close into the second half with Louisville, but the Louisville figured out they could drive the lane and get layups at will and Duke couldn’t hit a jumpshot for anything and ended up losing by 22.

I didn’t mind Duke losing. It wasn’t unexpected even though Duke beat the Cardinals earlier in the season. I just didn’t like the margin of the loss. Hated to see Mason Plumlee, Ryan Kelly and Seth Curry finishing their Duke careers like that.

Story of the night, though, was the injury to Louisville’s Kevin Ware. He went to block a three by Tyler Thornton (which he made) and when he landed his right tibia went sideways. Watching it live we had no idea what happened at first. There was a shot of Tyler Thornton looking dazed with a hand on his face, then there was a shot of three Louisville players on the floor in front of the basket. I thought maybe they’d all collided or something. Then they showed the replay.

It was gruesome. Ware landed and like I said, his tibia went sideways and he fell on the floor in front of the Louisville bench. Then he lifted his leg and it looked like he had two knees, but the lower one had six inches of bone protruding from it. I heard that some of the Cardinals threw up. Potion and Krzyzewski both looked like they had tears in their eyes. A lot of people said they’d never seen anything like it.

In other tournament news, Milly picked brackets for the first time. I read the name of each school and for the most part she picked the second one. She picked Florida Gulf Coast to make it to the Final Four, which was impressive because they were the first 15 seed to ever make it there. At first I was laughing about it, but it turned out to be a pretty good pick. Of course, she also had Louisville losing in their first game. Her final game, not a bad pick, was Duke winning over Miami. I told her to pick two big numbers for the final score of the championship game. She picked 5-2.

Anyway, the sting of Duke losing was ameliorated somewhat by getting to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead followed immediately by the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Oh, that was another recent distraction- I was trying to rewatch season 2 over the last few days. I made it through episode eight out of ten. I would have finished on Saturday morning, but Milly had a play date with Callie and she wanted me to go along. It was nice hanging out with Greg and Allison while the girls ran around.

Business has been good. I’m making a little bit of an investment in getting Erin and Jason to do some work for me. I’m hoping it’ll increase activity and effectiveness of some core services while freeing me up to focus on some other aspects of the company.

That’s all the major stuff I guess. I’m watching Pulp Fiction right now, though I’ll probably go to bed or fall asleep soon. Really takes me back though.

Zach Dotsey