Amanda told me today that Milly was singing a song in the car (either to or on the way back from dance class) and wanted to teach it to me.  It was I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz.  Milly didn’t feel like singing it to me for a while, but she eventually did, and even though she didn’t know most of the words, it was very sweet.  I love hearing her sing.  I didn’t get a video of her doing it, but here’s the song.

Amy dropped Max off this afternoon.  They’re going out of town to see their new nephew, so we’re watching him until they come back.  We kept him and Harvey outside for the majority of the day.  Once inside he pooted every five to ten minutes (in fact, he just did it again as I was typing this).  Stinky poots are one thing, and they are stinky, but the frequency with which he does it is uncanny.

Kenzie and Kimber from across the street came over for a little while to play with Milly.  We haven’t seen them much lately, and they’ve certainly gotten bigger.  Charles, their dad, came by for a little while too, and he remarked how big Milly was getting and how much better she was speaking.  They mostly played upstairs, but then they played a little MarioKart too.  Milly’s play on that mostly hinged on her running into a wall then handing it off to me for help after getting lapped twice.

Amanda made a dinner of potatoes, ham and asparagus.  It’s one we have now and then and it’s really good.  We got Milly to eat some and she said she liked it, but she didn’t eat much of it.  We had a bit of a row while discussing that if she didn’t eat the rest of it she wasn’t going to be eating anything else, such as crackers or Easter candy.

Despite that, the night ended fine with her.  We played some Little Big Planet 2, though we’re on the final stage of it, so Amanda took over for her.

Amanda and I watched a bit of TV.  I was flipping around when she went to bed and saw that the old Red Dawn was on.  It was maybe about halfway through, but I figured I’d watch it anyway.  I remember seeing it come on HBO when I was a kid, but all I remembered from it was Russian paratroopers coming out of the sky while the main characters were in their school, then a bunch of running around in the snow.  It kind of freaked me out back in the day.

Zach Dotsey