I decided we should do something creative with Milly today, so we helped her make a paper bag puppet.  She mostly directed and we did the work, but it was fun.  A little later Amanda found a 3D puzzle of a stegosaurus.  I can’t remember where it came from, but Milly and I started to put it together.  She was with me for a minute or two then decided to do something else.

It was very nice out.  Kenzie and Kimber from across the street came over and the three girls made puppets for Bonnie, whose birthday was today.  I worked on my puzzle in the meantime.

A little later we went to a birthday party at Monkey Joe’s for Ashley, a friend of Milly’s at dance class.  Milly, who has pretty much outgrown nap time I do believe, got a little fussy now and then.  She wanted to hang out with Ashley the entire time, but even though it wasn’t a huge party, she did have other people to attend to.  That said, the two of them did stick together quite a bit.

At one point some people from another party gave the kids from Ashley’s party balloons.  Amanda and I saw a red balloon float up to the ceiling from one of the bouncy houses and immediately knew we’d hear Milly start wailing, and we did.  Her balloon had gotten loose from her wrist and there was no way we could get it back.  She got over it before long though.  Ashley consoled her telling her very expressively, “I wish I could get your balloon back for you Milly, but I can’t.  It’s just TOO high!”

Milly was also afraid of the guy dressed in the Monkey Joe outfit and slipped off the bench where they were eating pizza and cake, hitting her chin.  She really did have fun, despite all the fussing and crying.

The Griffens came over for just a little bit while I watched Louisville beat Wichita State.  Poor Wichita State lead most of the game, but Louisville came back in the second half.  They seem to be a second half team.  Amanda and I watched the very end of the Syracuse and Michigan game, which Michigan won, setting up a Louisville-Michigan championship game.  Both games were close.  I’ve got to say, I thought whoever won between Duke and Louisville would go on to win, and that’s probably the most likely thing right now, but I could see Michigan giving Louisville a run right now, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they won.

Amanda and I had been watching Game of Thrones, which she finally agreed to start watching.  She seems to have a pretty good grasp on what’s going on, and she asks good questions, which shows me she is interested.

Zach Dotsey