I honestly didn’t much care who won the NCAA championship tonight.  I’ve got cousins who go to Louisville, plus they’ll be in the ACC in a couple years, so it adds to my home conference.  They were a favorite all year though, unlike Michigan, and unless you’re going for the favored team, you kind of want to see the other guy win.  (Why is that?)

It was a good championship game.  Michigan lead for the first half.  Maybe all of it, I can’t quite remember.  They got up to a double digit lead, then Hancock from Louisville scored back to back to back threes and a couple more points and before you knew it, the game got close.  Louisville ended up winning 72-66.

While it was a pretty good game, I thought the officiating was not very good.  I won’t say it majorly favored one team over the other (though I’d say the more blatant call, or non-calls, really, hurt Michigan more), but it just wasn’t good all around.  I think the NCAA needs to do something about that over the summer.

Karen came today and took Milly on a picnic to the Arboretum.  Sounds like they had a really good time, though when Amanda asked Milly about having fun with Nana she said something about how she did, but it was because there were no kids to play with.  The funny thing about that is Karen told me Milly had found a couple kids her age that she was playing with.

Anyway, Karen kept her longer than I expected, which I was cool with because Mondays are always busy and Milly doesn’t really do much when it comes to napping anymore.

Amanda fixed some more chicken finger wraps for dinner.  Yum.  Then we all went for a walk and came home.  Milly wanted to play doctor, so the three of us took turns being the doctor, the patient and the nurse.  Well, I was never the nurse, and it was mostly just me and Milly.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched the first two episodes of season two of Game of Thrones.  She’ll be caught up in no time.  After she went to bed I watched the game, which I’d set to record because I knew Amanda had no interest in watching those two teams.  To keep her from having to ask me the result in the morning I wrote the score on an old envelope and left it in the sink.  I didn’t say whose score was which, but I wrote Louisville’s in red and Michigan’s in blue.  (I used yellow at first, but of course that didn’t show up.)  She’s a clever girl, she’ll figure it out.

Zach Dotsey