Today wasn’t overly eventful. I stayed busy, Milly behaved throughout the day, Amanda went to work and came home then took Milly to dance class.

Milly did get her outfit for her recital which is coming up in June.  Amanda told her she could put it on for just a minute to show it to me, so she put it on and did a few of her moves.  It’s cool that she’s actually learning and remembering them.  A few days ago she was even humming some classical music.  I can’t remember which song it was now, but I think it might have been from dance.  I don’t know where else she’d have heard it.  Oh, Little Einsteins perhaps.

Anyway, after dinner (Costco pizza) we all went for a walk.  Milly rode her scooter most of the way, but then she started complaining about being tired and all so I pushed her while she stood on the scooter.

On the way home we stopped by the Griffens’.  Milly and Maddox played, mostly with bubbles, while the rest of us just chatted.  Another boy who was out walking with his sister came by to say hi to Maddox and Milly.  Brayson, I think was his name.  He was a young five years old, but he was noticeably bigger than Maddox, who will be five soon and is pretty sizable himself.

Milly was fussing about having to put her shoes on and walk home and wouldn’t listen to me on the matter and went so far as to sort of throw a shoe, so she did get her way in that she didn’t have to walk herself home, but it was because I carried her there and put her right in the corner.  She was fine after a bit though.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but Karen and Milly caught a minnow yesterday at the arboretum and brought it home in a plastic water bottle.  It’s not interested in eating the same food as the bettas, so I suppose I’ll go get it some flakes tomorrow to see if it  likes those better.  I suggested we take it to a pond and let it go, but that made Milly extremely sad.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I continued watching Game of Thrones.  We’re able to get through two episodes a night, and the last one we watched left off on a cliffhanger.  It was the one where Melisandre gave birth to a shadow monster.  I remember really wanting to see what happened next when that one first came on, and Amanda felt the same way.

Milly said something today that made me blush.  I won’t post it here for the sake of future friends possibly reading this, but it made me and Amanda both laugh and feel pretty uncomfortable.  Kids.

Zach Dotsey