Milly-at-the-dentistAmanda and I had appointments at the dentist today.  Mine was at 2 and hers was at 2:30, so we went together and took Milly with us.  Of course, Barry, who is Amanda’s uncle, is our dentist, and when Milly and I walked to the back everyone was saying hi to her and calling her by name.  Apparently Barry talks a little bit about Milly.

I had my teeth cleaned and all while Milly played with the iPad and rooted through the toys in the room.  She got a “tattoo” that said Hot Stuff on her hand.  When I was done she got in the chair and the dental assistant kept seeing what Milly would let her do.  She ended up getting her teeth cleaned, which she thought tickled, and they gave her fluoride.  She was good and enjoyed it the whole time.  She did get a little fidgety by the time Barry came in to look at her teeth and count them, but overall she was great.

We tried something new at small group tonight.  The assignment was to read a chapter in the Bible, Colossians, in this case.  That’s it.  We didn’t have a study guide or anything, we just all read and jotted down notes, thoughts and questions on our own then shared them.  I thought it went really well.  The conversation was very organic and lasted the entire time.

Nick brought pizza this week.  He does that sometimes, but after last week he said he was going to have to do it every single week.  The reason for these things is that last week when he got there, Jacob and Emma Love were wondering where the pizza was, because he often does bring some.  This week, as soon as Jacob saw the Meyers coming in the door the first thing he said was “Pizza.”  It was pretty funny.

I told Amanda today that I want to cut out candy and snacks except for at birthday parties. She said I should just exercise portion control, but I feel I do better going cold turkey.  It’s harder to allow yourself to slip that way.

Zach Dotsey