I suppose it’s one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

There was a leaders meeting at Port City Community Church tonight, and before it got started Paul Klouse came around and asked if Amanda or I would volunteer for a hot wing eating competition.  I said I didn’t even really like wings all that much and I didn’t like hot food, but Amanda did so she reluctantly agreed.

When they were asking for volunteers Amanda raised her hand.  I pointed her out in order to make sure she’d be seen, but the person on stage took it as me volunteering her, so I got called up too.  Given what I already said, I didn’t think I’d do well.

The wings weren’t really that spicy, but they were spicy enough to make my mouth and tongue feel on fire for a while afterwards.

11-wingsThe way it was set up was that there were five of us at a table with a bucket of wings between each person.  We also each had a glass of water, some ranch and… I think the other thing might have been bleu cheese.  We had three minutes to eat as many as we could and we each had someone keeping track as we went

I didn’t win, but I did tie for second with 11 wings.  The winner had 13.  Looking back, I think I might have been able to do it if I didn’t get the hiccups and stuffed my face just a little faster.  After the first one I didn’t bother trying to be neat, so I’m sure I looked great doing it.  I’m sure I’m not alone in that though.  I was a little disappointed in Amanda’s five count.

I think Milly had a pretty nice day.  The Warkentiens (sans Nick, who was working) stopped by to pick up Max, so she got to see Eli for a couple minutes.  Ada too, of course, but Milly was mainly concerned with Ada not touching her sunglasses or leaving with a barrette.

She was playing Sims before and after that, then I think she got bored and said she wanted to take a nap, which she actually did for maybe 45 minutes or so.  That was nice because a) it’s been a while since she’s done it and b) I was swamped.

Later on Stephanie brought Jacob and Emma Love over and Jennifer brought Isaac and Airlie over.  They all started off playing in the kitchen and making puppets I think, but then they went outside to look for bugs (Isaac brought a bug cage, so Milly  had to get hers) then at some point they all moved up to Milly’s room.  Go time got a little noisy, which happened to be when I was on the phone.

Emma Love had been put in the pack & play in the guest room in an attempt to get her to take a nap, and after everyone left and Milly saw that it was set up, she decided she wanted to hang out in there for a while, and so she did while playing Sims on the iPad.

Then later still, when we were going to the leaders meeting, Kirsten came to watch her.  Kirsten will be heading off to college before long.  I think Milly’s really going to miss her.  I hate that we’ll have to get another babysitter.

Shortly after we got home Milly started crying loudly.  I went to check on her and she told me that the pictures on her wall scared her.  In case you haven’t seen her room, they’re covered in Dr. Seuss images that her Nana drew and she, Amanda and I, with a little help from the Warkentiens at one point, all painted.  They’ve been there longer than she’s existed.  Why they bothered her tonight I have no idea.

Anyway, she settled back in and Amanda and I watched a couple more episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones.  Amanda still asks questions sometimes, but I think she’s into it now.  Maybe not as much as I am, but I think maybe she sees why I like the show as much as I do.

Amanda messed up her knee today.  She was squatting down petting Harvey, I think showing Emma Love that Harvey was a nice, sweet dog, and when she stood up her kneecap did something funky.  Now it’s all swollen up and hurting her.  Seems like this used to happen every now and then.  I hope it feels better for her tomorrow.

I said yesterday that I’m wanting to give up candy and such.  So far so good, not that I’ve had any temptation yet.  I’ve decided I should add soda to that.  When Amanda and I met neither one of us drank soda.  I usually don’t now, but I make exceptions when I get something to eat at a restaurant that includes a drink in any kind of combo meal deal or whatnot.

Zach Dotsey