Work All Day

It rained a lot this morning.  The satellite actually went out briefly, which upset me because while it was raining pretty hard, it wasn’t that hard.  Hoping it was a fluke.

I was very busy from the time I got up until the time I quit working around 6.  I was a bit worn out.

Amanda’s knee wasn’t bothering her as much as it was yesterday, but it still hurt her.  Despite that, she took Milly out to get frozen yogurt at Brrr Berry with Monique, Rosa and Emil and the Warkentiens, though I don’t think Nick was there.  Milly and Rosa posed for some pictures.  This one was the best.  Milly almost looks like a grown girl in it.558930_10200816419790194_780789603_n

Amanda and Amy went to a wine place for a little while this evening.  Nick was going to take Milly back to their place and watch her so I could keep working, but I told him he could watch the kids here if he wanted and I’d just stay in the back to work.  He did and they were pretty easy for him.

I did hear a lot of Milly talking to Nick though.  She was in one of those non-stop moods today.  She was always wanting something or asking this or that or saying she wanted something.  Between my busy-ness and Amanda trying to stay off her feet, it was a little maddening.

Amanda fixed some homemade pizza for dinner tonight (wow, we’ve had a lot of pizza this week!) that the Warkentiens stuck around for.  The kids were pretty riled up most of the time after Amanda and Amy got back here.

As has been the case for the past couple weeks, Amanda and I watched a couple episodes of Game of Thrones after putting Milly down.  If the pace keeps up, she’ll be done with season two tomorrow night.  It probably won’t happen tomorrow night though.  Erin’s come to visit, and she hasn’t watched much of the show so even if she did want to watch it, I wouldn’t want her to just so she could watch everything and know what’s going on.

After Amanda went to bed I ended up working some more.  A glutton, I am.  But now I’m worn out again, so off to bed I go.

Zach Dotsey