Milly didn’t get up today until I went to get her up at 9:15. Karen showed up to take her out for the day at about 10. It poured really hard this morning and they ended up going to Krispy Kreme, Toys R Us, Brilliant Sky, the Arboretum and Brrr Berry. I did have to tell Karen we’re trying to watch what she eats a bit, but Milly had fun like she always does with her Nana.

I went out to the bank not long after they left. Stopped by Target to return the bike pump I got yesterday that broke within a few minutes of buying it. Last at the exchange desk said she needed an item number and someone in the department could help me. Turns out it was in the receipt. I thought it as, but figured she knew what she was talking about. Got a pump that was $5 cheaper. Not as nice, but it hasn’t broken yet.

Pouring rain when I got out of there. Got soaked. Afternoon was beautiful though.

Wanted to ride my bike after dinner and Milly wanted to ride her scooter, so we all went out, Amanda walking. Milly and I had gone out earlier and she went down a little slope at the cul-de-sac and handled slowing down and turning well, though she used her foot instead of the brake. Well this time I was on the other side of the island in the cul-de-sac and Amanda was behind her, but Milly got away a little and hit a semi-smashed up pine cone. From my view it looked like she flipped over her handlebar and smacked her face right on the pavement. I jumped off and ran over, hoping she hadn’t broken her nose of skinned up her face. She only had some minor scrapes on her nose and the side of her face, hardly even noticeable, but she skinned her left elbow up pretty good. Took her back to the house, got her cleaned up and put a bandaid on her and just chilled the rest of the evening. I was going to finish my ride, but Milly wanted me to sit on the couch with her.

I will make it all the way around the neighborhood at some point.

Talked to Bonnie when I took the trash to the road. We apparently weigh about the same and both have roughly the same target weight, so we’re going to see who’s the closest in a month.

Amanda was talking to her mom when I came back in. I don’t know if they’d discussed it, but Karen told me earlier in the day that Aunt Patsy, Amanda’s grandma’s twin, isn’t doing well at all. Got the wasting disease, can’t put in any weight, doesn’t have the strength to walk, kind of stares through you when talking to you. Pray for Patsy and John, her son. It’s tough for that side of the family. They lost Kim, John’s sister, to cancer a few years ago, Bobby, John’s dad, died a little over a year ago, and it sounds like Patsy doesn’t have long. Aside from the four (soon to be five) grandkids, John will soon be the only one left from his branch of the family, and he’s only a few years older than I am.

Zach Dotsey