Made it Around the Neighborhood

Yes, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve done this again. I’ve taken notes though, so maybe one day I’ll get you caught up. There is a lot that has happened, but since I do plan to fill it all in, if you’re reading this at some future date and I’ve done like I plan, this preamble will just sound like rambling.

I am going to try to make these quicker though. I think that’s part of the reason I put off doing them.

Was listening to Spotify today and Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars came on. Took me back to when Milly was itty bitty.

Milly got up at 9 again today. I was already downstairs working and heard her get up, drag her stool (which was once her training potty) to the sink and brush her teeth, turn off the monkey light and radio and shut her door before coming downstairs. She also fed her fish without me having to ask her to.

Amanda took Milly to dance class today. Amanda worries about how she’ll do because sometimes she zones out and doesn’t listen. And sometimes she and her buddy Ashley just want to play.

The girls stopped by Target on the way home and Amanda got Milly a hat that was on clearance. Looked really cute on her.

Went bike riding after dinner without having to wait on anybody. Ended up hitting every street in the neighborhood (finally) several times then going across the street to the trailer park, which is much bigger than I realized. I’d forgotten how much I like riding a bike when the sun is on your face and there’s a nice breeze.

Amanda and Milly went to see the Griffins while I was doing that and I met them over there. Milly and Maddox were playing superheroes (Supergirl and Iron Man). Milly was throwing punches and kicks in the air, knocking down imaginary bad guys.

After saying prayers and lying down with Milly, I showed her the video of Just the Way You Are and told her it makes me think about her. She hugged me tight and gave me a kiss and squeaked a couple times during the song.

Amanda and I watched Once Upon a Time then The Office. Good Office episode. Andy “left” to pursue his dream of being famous, Dwight got promoted to manager and I’m thinking Pam is going to let Jim pursue his other job.

Zach Dotsey