Milly’s streak of 9:00 wake ups came to an end at about a quarter after 7 today. He brushed her teeth and played in her room though, and let me stay in bed until closer to 8. When we started talking she told me that she had waved good-bye to Mommy from her window, but Mommy didn’t see her. So stinking sweet.

Milly and I spent a little time getting things ready for Amanda’s birthday, which is tomorrow, by doing a little running around. We weren’t gone for long, so I let Milly keep her Belle dress on, so several people wanted to talk to her.

Amanda and Milly went to the park with Amy, Eli and Ada. I rode my bike for about 40 minutes after work then Amanda and I went to small group. On the way out of the neighborhood we passed Milly and Kirsten, who were on a walk (or scooter ride, as the case may be). When we were leaving, Milly excitedly exclaimed to Kookie, “That’s my Mommy and Daddy!”

Small group was at Plaza Mariachi in belated celebration of Cinco de Mayo. We brought some cake that was left over from Amanda’s lunch with her co-workers.

Kirsten told us when we got back that Milly had been good and fun as usual.

Zach Dotsey