For Amanda’s birthday Milly drew a picture and I created a scavenger hunt, sending her after clues all over the house so she could get her New Kids on the Block tickets.  That’s where she and Cyra will be some Tuesday night next month.

Milly and I also made a strawberry cake with strawberry icing and sprinkles for Amanda.  She didn’t have a chance to have any yet though.

Amanda went out with Stephanie Johnson to get a frap and check out some clothes at Mayfaire, a dress at Julie’s in particular.  It was very open on the sides and she wasn’t sure about it, so later, after we dropped Milly off with the Griffins, she and I went.  She ended up getting it with a couple of gift cards.

After that we met Nick and Amy at Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner, though neither of us was very hungry so we split a pizza.

All four of us went to a leaders meeting at church, though the Warkentiens went to Starbucks first.  When they walked in, Amy very loudly wished Amanda a happy birthday in an attempt to embarrass her.  She did that at Zoe’s too, actually.

Zach Dotsey