We started the morning by going to check out a pre-school near our house that I think we’ve pretty much decided we’ll be taking Milly to in the fall.  After that we went to Lewis Farm to pick strawberries.  Milly doesn’t like them as much as she used to though, and she wouldn’t try any out in the field, so I didn’t get any pictures of that this year.  It set me back with work a little, but going out to Lewis Farm is a bit of a tradition.

For her birthday, Amanda and some girls went to a winery.  They were going to come back to the house and play Just Dance, but instead they went to Rio Bravo’s final concert.

After Amanda left the house, Milly and I started a walk to look for bugs for her bug cage.  We ended up walking up and down all but the last street in our neighborhood holding hands and telling each other stories.  Milly got tired towards the end, but she did walk the whole way.  We met a couple who were growing their own vegetables.  They let Milly pick a few carrots to take home.  She was very talkative with them and showed them some of her dance moves.

On the way back I picked up Maddox to take back to the house.  Gavin and Christin were having family in to celebrate Gavin’s birthday for the weekend and he wanted to get some stuff cleaned up or ready for them.  Maddox and Milly played for a bit then I put them down for bed around 8:30.  They started off both in Milly’s cardboard house, but then Milly moved to her bed.  I only had to go back into the room once.

I finished Assassin’s Creed Revelation last night and started Assassin’s Creed 3 tonight.  I hadn’t gotten very far at all when Nick Meyer came over.  I introduced him to Dungeon Defender.  Christin came over and got Maddox while Nick and I were playing Playstation.  I’d told her he was fine and she could have stayed out with the girls, but I think she wanted to help Gavin some.

Amanda came back with Amy, Cyra and Tristen.  Nick hadn’t been gone very long by the time they got here.  They hung out for a bit then took off as well.

Zach Dotsey