You know how you start on one project and that leads to another and then you end up spending a lot more time doing something than you intended?  Well, I mowed the lawn this morning, then I swept the hardscapes, then I decided to cut back some of the overgrown bushes and such in the back of our yard, which was a pretty big undertaking.  I’ve still got a good bit to do with it, but it looks so much better than it did before.  What I did do required a good bit of sawing and hacking.  I felt pretty good about it when I was done.  Amanda pulled some weeds and planted a few things in the front, including a rosebush she bought last week.

In the afternoon we went out to get a final half-priced frap.  Somehow it’s funny hearing Milly say frappuccino.  We went to Brilliant Sky to let Milly play for a bit after that.  While Amanda and Milly were there I went to Pier 1 and got gift cards for her, one from my parents for her birthday (previously my mom had told Amanda she could get herself something from Amazon, but she was wanting clothes, pillows or shoes, and wanted to be able to try them out/touch them before buying) and one from me and Milly for Mother’s Day, which is tomorrow.  I was going to get her some shoes that she wanted, but there weren’t any in her size.

We met Michael and Jenn at Dick’s Sporting Goods after that.  Milly spent most of her time playing hide & seek with Jenn, as she discovered that which all children do at some point: it’s pretty cool to be able to hide in clothes racks.  Michael and Amanda were discussing what to get their dad for his birthday.  Amanda had already bought Phil a starter disc golf set, thinking it might be fun for him.  Michael ended up buying a couple extra discs that complimented the ones Phil got, but also allowed another person to play too.  I got a set myself so we could all play tomorrow.

Before we left there we got an invitation to go over to the Griffins’ house for filet, and so we did after stopping by the grocery store to contribute a little.  Their extended family was there to celebrate Gavin’s birthday (which is actually Thursday).  Maddox’s twin cousins were there, and though they were kind of shy the last time we saw them, Milly hit it off with them immediately.

Zach Dotsey