I was up and working already when I heard Milly moving around upstairs this morning.  She took her time coming down, and when she did, she asked where I was.  I stood at the bottom of the steps and asked her where she thought I was, to which she replied that she didn’t know.  Then she came down enough to see me and gave me a big smile.

We chatted for a minute, then she asked who someone was in a picture on the wall.  I asked her where it was, and she figured out it was in her house.  I asked her who the cat was in the picture and she said it was Cobb.  Then I asked her what the baby in the picture was lying on, and she said it was a Boppy.  I asked if it looked like her Boppy, and she said it did, so then she figured out that it was her.

Batgirl vs. RockeyThen she told me she was a superhero, so I asked if she was Batgirl, which I thought of because she’d brought a black dress to put on, or Supergirl.  She said Batgirl, so I showed her a picture of Batgirl from Google Images.  She went back upstairs and got a mask and proceeded to be Batgirl for a good bit of the morning.  It involved telling me to be in trouble so she could help me and beating up bad guys and monsters who were at our door or outside.  I went out in the front yard to bing the dumpster in and she told me I was in a cage, so she had to beat up a bad guy named Rocky and take the key from him.

Amanda put in a little extra time at work to help make up for being gone yesterday.  She got two weeks cleared for our trip to Europe, so I passed that along to Stanton, who said we should have tickets soon.

I launched a website I’ve been pretty excited about today.  Finishing that up and taking care of a few bugs from transferring it from a test site to a live site took up a chunk of the morning.  A lot of the rest of the day was spent on marketing.  (Not for myself.)

Amanda got roped into being a stage mom for Milly’s recital.  If you have about as much of a clue as to what that means as I did when she told me, it means she’s going to help get Milly’s class ready backstage.

I had a moment with Milly this afternoon.  I was working away when she came into the office with the remote control/laser pointer that we have and stuck it in my face.  I didn’t know she’d done that, so when I turned my head to look at her it shone right in my left eye.  I grabbed it from her and reminded her, not exactly kindly, that I’d told her a hundred times not to shine it near anyone’s head.  I mean, it actually did kind of hurt my eye.  She started getting fussy because I took the thing, and when she started to cry I told her to leave.  Yeah, as a father I definitely could have handled it better.

Anyway, she went crying to Amanda and I could hear their conversation.  Amanda asked Milly if she’d meant to shine the laser in my eye and she said no, so Amanda told her she could go tell me she was sorry, but Milly just sobbed, “Daddy told me to get out.”  I didn’t actually say the words “get out”, but I couldn’t help but think that that’s what Beast said to Belle, and I thought maybe that was how she saw me in that moment.

So after a minute I went in there and told her I was sorry for yelling at her and put my arms out to her.  She left Amanda’s lap and came to me, so I sat down and put her on my knee and told her again that I was sorry and that I loved her very much and didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, but that she did something she wasn’t supposed to do.  She said she was sorry and we hugged, and I told her I didn’t want her to ever think that she couldn’t talk to me.  I told her that even if I was upset with her, I’d always love her no matter what.

The evening wasn’t terribly eventful.  Amanda still wasn’t feeling 100% so I made Milly some requested mac & cheese.  (Amanda did some of it, but for the record I neither asked for nor needed help.

Last night I had Milly describe two monsters to me.  I wrote down her descriptions and drew them, so tonight I had her color them.  She got tired of staying in the lines for the first one, and when I asked her why she didn’t stay in the lines she said it’s because her hair is curly and she likes to color that way.  Couldn’t argue with that.

I’ve been slack in updating this site again.  I still (usually) make notes about the day, but I tend not to post because I don’t want to have to choose categories and such.  So I’m thinking from now on, despite my anal nature, I’m going to just post everything to the In My Life category and forget about the rest in an attempt to do this more frequently.  The exceptions will be if I’m writing only about something that specifically isn’t a part of the goings-on of my life.  I think.  Anyway, we’ll see if that changes anything or not.  I thought about deleting all the other categories just so I wouldn’t be tempted to fall back into using them, but I just can’t make that step yet.

Zach Dotsey