Milly was calling for me before Amanda’s alarm went off.  I can’t remember what she wanted now, but she ended up wanting to me lie down with her, so I dozed in her little bed for a little for a little bit.  We ended up getting up just as the alarm was going off.  I fed her then went back upstairs to try to get a little more sleep in.

I had some text conversations with Stanton a little while later, so I guess the dates are finalized for our trip to Europe.  We should have our ticket details before long.  Very exciting!

Selling-GoldfishMilly was in a very playful mood this morning.  Before starting work we were superheroes on a treasure hunt.  At different times we both got caught in a cage and had to beat up a bad guy to get the key.  When I gave Milly a small bowl with some Goldfish in it, we became Prince and Princess Goldfish (she often calls herself the princess of whatever she’s got at the moment: Princess of Flowers, Princess of Belts, whatever) and she decided she wanted to sell her Goldfish for “one dollar and one penny” apiece.  At first she was selling them to imaginary people and placing the sold ones on the back of a couch, but then she started getting dolls and toys and lining them up on the front of the couch to face the back, selling them a few Goldfish each.  After each sale she’d count how many she sold them figure out how much money she had.

Milly also drew several pictures then brought them into the office to tell me their stories while I worked.

Amanda had a buy one get one free deal from Zoe’s from having a recent birthday, so she brought some of that home today.  I forget what they called it, but the sandwich I got had turkey, lettuce and feta.  Good stuff.

We had small group at the Meyers’ tonight.  It was only about half of the group, but we had a good discussion.  We’re studying Galatians chapter by chapter, and so far in both weeks we’ve taken issues current to them and compared them to current issues.  Also good stuff.

Zach Dotsey