Milly got up while Amanda was in the shower again today.  It would be great if she’d sleep just a little bit later again.  She’ll be needing to get up that early come the fall.  I’ll actually need to start doing it too, so maybe I’m the one who should change to get ready for that.

Milly and I played a little this morning before I got to work and Karen came to pick her up to take her out.  We now have two rocking Adirondack chairs on the front porch.

I’m not sure where all they went, but I do know Milly and Karen got a doughnut and ended up at the arboretum.  They stopped someplace and got a few things, like some fake flowers for Milly.  Maybe it was The Pottery.  Is that the name of that place?

My day wasn’t too eventful.  I wrote my SEO review first thing this week so I wouldn’t put it off, took a long phone call them went to the bank.  I forgot to get some rice for dinner, so later on I rode my bike to the store.  I hid it in some bushes behind the store.  I should get a chain for it.

Amanda came home for an hour or so and ate leftover Indochine with me (Milly only wanted rice) before picking up Amy and going to Jenny Cain’s baby shower.

Milly and I went on a short walk then watching some Mickey Mouse cartoons on Netflix.  She’s been very huggy lately.  She likes to grab onto my arm and hold it close and say she’ll never let go.  (Though she always does let go, usually without me having to do anything.)

So my old buddy Jason got engaged today.  I got a text before he announced it to the Facebook world.  I’m really happy he and Liz found each other.  They always seem really happy together.

Amanda got home in the later part of the 9:00 hour.  We watched Maeby’s episode of Arrested Development then she went to bed.  Me?  I’m still working, but as tired as I am I’ll either take a snooze in the papasan, nod off or just head on upstairs.  To be decided.