Milly actually listened to me and if she didn’t sleep later she at least stayed in her room longer. I was lying in bed when I heard her door open around 8:00. She went to the bathroom then went right back in her room and closed the door without giving my room a glance. I went in there after a while and found her sitting against her bed using one of her Tag books. It’s one of those things where you press a little device against a page on a book and it reads to you.

Amy offered to have Milly come over after reading yesterday’s post, so I took her over there to play with Eli and Ada. After a,ands brought her home she excitedly told me about how they’d eaten some wild blueberries. She stressed to me how much smaller they were then ones she’s used to.

Amy warned Amanda that she’d found some ticks, and Amanda found one in Milly’s belly when she was getting ready for bed. We emphasized that it wasn’t a big deal and I took it off a,ands was going to, but I wanted to do it. I don’t know exactly why, but it was her first attached tick.

Milly had a dance rehearsal tonight. We’re not supposed to film at the actual recital, so I borrowed Reece’s camera and set that up with a wide shot of the stage then used mine to get closer shots. I should have used a zoom. It won’t be anything spectacular, but it should be better than nothing.

I should clarify that they do have someone who films it, but the DVDs are a tad pricey.

Anyway, the rehearsal went well enough. Milly sat in a row with the girls from her class, mostly talking to Ashley, whose birthday party she went to a little while back. I’d say Ashley is her best dance buddy. I enjoyed watching her interact with the other little girls. They seemed pretty mesmerized when some of the older girls got on stage. They even clapped when they were supposed to. Not that clapping is a big deal, but it just sort of struck me that she knew to clap at the end of a performance. Well, she knew or she picked up on doing it like everyone else.

I biked up to the store to grab some cereal after we got back. I should buy a chain for that thing. I noticed two spiders outside the shed when I went to get the bike. They were like one I found yesterday off the front porch, having a black hump with orange spots. Amanda and Bonnie thought they were black widows, so I smashed them. Still, I’d like to find out for sure. I couldn’t find pictures matching them when I looked online.

Milly decided she was ready for bed a little after 7:30. She spent a good portion of the afternoon resting too, opting to lay in the pack & play a lot for some reason. She said she was feeling a little sick, so we gave her some Benadryl just to be safe. This would not be a good week for her to get sick at all.

Amanda and I finished up Arrested Development before she went to bed. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the earlier seasons, but I think it picked up as it went on, and it’s also structured in a way that it will probably be even better with future viewings.

Zach Dotsey