Milly was particularly sweet today. Yesterday too, actually. Amanda and I were standing in the hall and she came out of the guest room and said, somewhat emphatically and out of nowhere, “I LOVE you guys.”

I can’t remember everything from today, but she was very sweet with Kirsten. She talked about how much she loved her and drew a picture of herself and Kookie (and Mr. Mike from Grow Zone, on the other side, along with me and a few other people). Then she drew a heart that actually looked like a heart and wrote her name in it. Kirsten said she might get the picture of Milly, the name and heart added to the tattoo collection on her forearm. It would actually make a pretty sweet tat.

Kirsten told us that Milly asked if she’d stop coming to see her when she turned four. She assured her she wouldn’t, but man is it going to be tough when she goes off to Asheville. She loves her some Kookie.

I disconnected our movie channels today as the free trial ran out. It’s fortunate that it happened right after the Game of Thrones finale. I wonder how much HBO’s subscriptions spike at that time of year now.

We had a three-fifths small group tonight. Good discussion though.

I think work is starting to settle down a little. I completely finished one site, made some good headway on another and put in some work on another. On top of that, I’ve got one lined up to start after we get back from Europe.

I spent the rest of the night after we got back assembling the bike we got for Milly’s birthday. Actually, Karen bought it, but it’s what I wanted to give her since we have her a tricycle and a scooter for her last two birthdays. Plus there’s something about a dad getting his kid a bike and putting it together.

It really wasn’t that tough except for the handlebars. I had to google instructions for that because the instructions that came with it were no help.

Sometimes when I’m doing stuff at night I’ll put in a random movie from a movie channel. Yup, already missing that, though we do have Netflix. Still, I feel like watching so,etching on Netflix is a bit more intentional, whereas putting on a movie selected out of a few dozen that happen to be on doesn’t require as much attention. I ended up watching Property Brothers. Amazing how that show can suck you in.

Zach Dotsey