Since Amanda will be spending a large chunk of Milly’s birthday traveling to and from Oxford for Patsy’s funeral we decided to give Milly the big present from us this afternoon. We made it fun though. We told Milly it was a mystery, as she loves mysteries, and I drew “clues” on pieces of paper. The first was her flower garden, the second was her tricycle and the third was the mailbox.

We wrapped her helmet up and put it by the mailbox with an additional clue, and at first she didn’t even care about the present but was ready to go right in with the clues. We got her to stop and open it, and when I asked what the helmet was for she said it was for her scooter, which she then wanted to go get to ride. Then she was reminded if the other clue, so she followed that to the cars and found her new princess bike in the bushes nearby. She was very excited for that, of course.

She tried it out for a few minutes and told me to go get my bike, but by the time I was back with mine she’d decided she was tired. I think it was an excuse because she had a hard time keeping the pedals going.

She and I went back out later though, after she and Amanda had gone out for a bit. We were going to show her new bike to Maddox, so we both biked there. It took her s bit to remember to watch where she was going and not her feet, but by the time we got home she was doing pretty well.

Unfortunately she forgot that to stop you pedal backwards. She went up the slight embankment by the mailbox then tipped over. I saw it coming, but I couldn’t get off my own bike fast enough to help her.

She was done after that, of course, and she was terrified to get back on. When I put her down to bed I told her I’d stay next to her tomorrow and teach her how to stop. She agreed to that. Before then she kept saying maybe she’d ride later, but not tomorrow.

Earlier in the day Milly came into my office and told me, “Hey Dad, I was out fighting monsters and got these scrapes.” She went on to reassure me, “But I’m okay.”

“These scrapes” turned out to be red marker lines she drew on her arms, legs, belly and face. A quick bath with a washcloth and soap healed all those scrapes up pretty fast though.

As fun and sweet as Milly as been lately, she’s also had a bit of a tude. Sometimes she doesn’t talk in a very nice tone, so we really started addressing that today.

Most of our evening was spent cleaning up the house.  Amanda did laundry and vacuumed upstairs mostly while I cleaned up the office and vacuumed that.  We were distracted with all of that and didn’t get Milly down until almost 9:00.  We told her she’d be turning into a four-year-old at 1:10, in just a few hours.

Three has been a really fun age.  I’m sure four will be great too, but I really liked three.

Zach Dotsey