Woke up with Milly in my face announcing that she had turned four years old last night.

Amanda was up at 6. She picked up her cousin Daniel and met her dad in Warsaw then they all rode to Oxford for Patsy’s funeral.

Milly and I played a bit then walked up to the store for a birthday doughnut. She told someone she was going to get a doughnut that said happy birthday on it. Since they don’t make those, I asked the people at the bakery if they could write it on the one she picked out. They did, and she seemed very proud of it. I also bought her a balloon that said “Happy birthday Princess” on it.

We sat outside the store on a hammock and played I Spy and a game Milly made up where one person spots an object and the other person has to find something the same color. It was actually pretty fun. I wish I could remember what made-up word she called it.

Went home, ate some cereal then after a little bit we went to the park to ride her new bike with Eli. The Warkentiens came just a little after us as I’d decided to go ahead and take her before I heard back. Before they got there Milly and I did the seesaw, swings and a couple other things on the playground. I have noticed, I might add, that Milly’s leaping ability has improved of late.

Once Eli got there Milly wanted to play with him, which they did for a few minutes before he was ready to ride his bike. Milly was excited to show off her helmet, but less excited to actually ride. She did really well for what little bit she did go, but for whatever reason, be it fear of falling because of yesterday or something else, she just would not keep going. I tried reassuring her and Eli parroted some of the things I said to try to help her out, but she just wouldn’t do it. She got obviously cranky and I eventually gave up and took her home, but, honestly, I was disappointed and a little annoyed. Part of it was that the whole reason we went to the park was for her to ride around the lake with Eli, whom we had invited to come. I just want her to enjoy it, but I know I probably need to watch how much I push it.

Back home she had a little something to eat then went upstairs for a nap. I think I dozed off some in that time too. When she came down she said she was feeling better, though she still didn’t want to ride the bike. We snuggled up on the couch to watch an episode of Sofia the First that included Princess Jasmine. I fell asleep again, which was kind of nice.

Mowed. Amanda got back.

Islands for dinner, Sawyers met us there. Fuzzy Peach for dessert. Andra and Josh met his sister at Indochine. We took the kids home.

Jackson played Crackdown. Girls started out in the little house, went to bed, Addison came downstairs. Laid down with Milly, put Addy to bed. She watched Amanda make a cake.

Made puzzle pieces for a game for Milly’s birthday party. Some piñata candy stuff was sticky.

Sat and talked to Andra for a few hours. Watched the Big Dipper sink away in the sky.