Up around 7 or 7:30, go go go from there.

Josh went with me to pick up balloons and a couple other things.

Milly and Addy ran around a bunch.

Lots of kids, lots of family.

Treasure hunt.  Amanda had made a map to clues and when the kids got them all they made a picture that I’d cut into a puzzle.  That lead them to a tree where Josh and I had tied a piñata earlier.  Only thing is there was too much candy and the part holding it up broke when we let it down, then it broke three or more times after trying other ways, so we finally just let the kids beat it, then I grabbed it and ripped it up over them.  Made it rain candy, bouncy balls and plastic gold doubloons.

Almost everything was sticky.  I think some Jolly Ranchers had melted and got all over everything.  I actually washed a lot of them off last night while I was stuffing the piñata.

Had just enough cake and snacks.  Everyone trickled out but family.

Amanda gave me and my dad Father’s Day presents.  We gave him a disc golf set and Amanda gave me a distance and a fairway driver, since I’d lost mine.  Went to play disc golf at Castle Hayne Park with my dad, Phil, Josh (borrowing Amanda’s discs) and Michael.  Earl came along, but didn’t play.  Josh won, Phil and I tied for second, then my dad then Michael.  Poor Michael was chopping down trees.

Went home and had lunch.  All hung out in the backyard for a while.  Such a nice day.

Mercer/Lemons crew left.  Sawyers took off for Oak Island, where Josh’s family is for the week.  Amanda went shopping with Erin.  Tristen came over to hang out for a bit, but I didn’t have a clue she was coming over, so I was a little surprised to see her.  Nick was not feeling well today and missed the party and hanging out.  Parents went to bed soon after Milly, who was exhausted when Erin and Amanda went to say good night to her.  I’d only put her down a few minutes before.

Milly got lots of stuff.  Always feel bad listing things because I’ll leave things out and don’t want to hurt feelings.  She did get a fish (from the Meyers) to replace Sparkly Rocks 2 which I mention because it will have long term ramifications.  That is, it will be mentioned some, I’m sure.  When it dies, at the very least.

Zach Dotsey