New phrases: pants, sausages and mother duck (swears), anti-social (acting in a manner not fitting for public display).  Stanton taught us these on the train ride to London this morning.


Had breakfast shortly after arriving in London. Were near the Eye, did that, saw Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey.

Took a walk through St. James Park. Made Amanda hold my hand for a bit.

Went to natural history museum. Was a nice museum, but a lot of it was rocks. Should have started at the other end with dinosaurs and stuff.

Amanda’s right heel was getting worn down by her shoe. Will had blisters on his feet. Stopped and got them some things to try to help on the way to Herrod’s.

Herrod’s was amazingly huge. Like Stanton and Sarah told us, calling it a department store just doesn’t do it justice. Sarah met us there at Georgia’s for tea. She had métis for school so couldn’t come earlier.

Went to an old pub in Canada Water called Mayflower. Pilgrims set off from there I think. Was originally called the Spread Eagle. Was right on the Thames. Hung out there until about 9:30. Was still light out, though the sun had set.

Took a train back after that. Worked out tickets and lodging for Paris.

Zach Dotsey