Sarah picked up a rental car first thing and Stanton drove us to Stonehenge, which was right off the highway.

Don’t know what can be written about Stonehenge other than it was extremely cool to see I person, to stand around these mysterious giant stone slabs in the middle of nowhere that we’re put there in an unknown way by unknown people thousands of years ago for an unknown purpose.

I drove us to Salisbury after that. Driving was nerve wracking. Stayed way too close to the left, almost hit a truck. Not that I have a problem driving stick, but that was just one more thing to keep in mind. I know I made everyone else nervous.

Charming town. Went to cathedral and walked around that a while. Saw the best preserved copy of the Magna Carta. Got into the cathedral without a “suggested donation” by going through some open doors that took us to the back.

Walked around to get lunch, started raining a bit. Pretty wet when we got back to the car, but not soaked.

Tried to check out a castle, but it was closed. Saw a way to walk to it, so we parked and walked, but the bridge to the castle was locked.

Sheep were grazing on the hill and most ran away, but one walked up to Stanton and sucked on his finger. Ended up sucking on it so hard that it bled a little.

Went back to Guildford and Stan made lasagne for late dinner.

Tomorrow: Paris.

Zach Dotsey