Family-Guy-Evil-MonkeyAmanda woke me up around 6:00 today telling me that Milly was calling for me.  It’s funny- if it’s in the middle of the night I’m usually leaping out of bed before Amanda’s even awake, but in the mornings I’m out.

Anyway, Milly said she’d had a dream about a scary monkey.  When I asked her about it later she told me it was yelling “AAAH!” (kind of a deep “AAAH!”, not a screaming one) at her and that it was bigger than God.

I let Milly in our bed, where, aside from having to maneuver her foot out of my groin a couple times, I had no trouble getting right back to sleep.  I’m vaguely aware of her asking me at one point if she could get back in her bed, which I told her was fine.

I slept a little late today, getting up at about 8:30 when Milly came upstairs to tell me that Cyra had dropped off her puppies.  I don’t know how long they’d been there.  They’re much friendlier than they were last week.  Not that they were bad last week or anything, but they were certainly much more shy.  When Milly and I went out to check on them, all we had to do was call “Puppies!” once and they came bounding out from behind a bush to play with us.

Speaking of play, that was the first thing Milly wanted me to do today.  She got some cars (including three of them from Cars) and we talked for them.  Two yellow ones (which were not from Cars) had lost their voices to a monster.  I got her stuffed Rex (from Toy Story… I sense a Pixar theme) and basically set up a story that Rex was scared of the cars like they were scared of him.  He had found the two car voices and gave them back, so they all ended up as friends.  Then Woody came along (more Pixar and Toy Story) and brought them all back to Andy’s house.

I spent the majority of my day working on just the portfolio aspect of my retooled business website.  I took screenshots for all the sites I could and used older images of the ones I no longer had, like a few sites that no longer exist and older versions of ones I’ve redesigned. It took me a bit to come up with a format I like, and after that it’s just a matter of copying existing portfolio entries, uploading pictures and editing them as I need.  I’m very happy with how it’s turning out, but it’s tedious work.

Small group was just us and the Meyers again, but we had some good discussions.  We also had prosciutto and mozzarella , and while it was good, it didn’t touch what we had in Rome.

Zach Dotsey