I was messing with Milly this morning, tickling and teasing. Then I told her, “I’m so funny!” She countered: “No you’re not! You’re so irritating!” Couldn’t really argue with that one. I thought that was funny too.

Finished portfolio for my rebrand. Actually, after I finished I remembered that I’d only done screenshots of the websites, but I wanted to add shots of custom social network graphics like Twitter backgrounds too. That shouldn’t take too terribly long.

Mowed the lawn after work. Amanda had gone to Costco and I told Milly to only come outside for me if it was an emergency. Of course she stopped me four or five times, none of them anywhere close to emergencies.

Lambeths got here around 9:00. We let Milly stay up and the kids immediately started playing. They’re usually shy at first with me, but not this time.

We adults sat around and chatted then watched Life of Pi. Kind of. I was in and out of consciousness a good bit. What I saw of it looked visually very good. I’ll need to watch it again sometime.

Zach Dotsey