That’s the name of my new computer.  Because it’s a MacBook Pro, get it?

I was planning on getting it the weekend after this coming one for tax free weekend, but it was $200 off today, which would save me more than saving on the tax.  I stopped by Best Buy to look at the options on the way home from the bank just for the heck of and decided to go ahead and get it.

I mainly got it for travel purposes.  It would have been nice to do some work while we were in Europe and I’m planning on going to Kentucky with my dad in the near future and I’ll want to be able to work and handle anything that comes up.  The iPad can do a lot, but it’s not entirely suited to my line of work.  Also, while I do have an existing laptop with a loose power connection (I really like how the MacBook uses a magnet for the charger) that is a little older, slower now and doesn’t hold a charge, with the MacBook I should be able to get Amanda to start helping me some with work.

A great thing about setting up the MacBook was that I was able to copy all my programs wirelessly from my iMac.  The downside to that is that it took about four hours to do, it didn’t warn me of the time it would take and I didn’t see a way to stop it once I started it, else I would have done it tonight.  Fortunately I waited until I got most of my work done to set it up.

In that spare time, I decided to go to Costco (we’re out of kitty litter and it was really low in the box) and to take Milly to the park.  We were there for about an hour, from 5-6.  Kenzie and Kimber were outside when we got home, so Milly played with them while Amanda put a pizza on the oven.

Other than that it was a standard night at the Dotsey House.  After Amanda went to bed I messed with some of the things on the new computer to get it organized the way I want then started working on weeding through the Eurotrip photos.  I took a break from that to do this.

Zach Dotsey