90s MillyI let Milly pick her own clothes out today, and she picked a dance leotard (with shorts- is that called something else?).  I had her put tights on underneath then later decided she should have a skirt on too, so she got her frilly little black one.  She also wore her Hello Kitty hat.  The whole getup looked like it was from somewhere between 1989 and 1992.  She was also wearing some cheap flip flops that Karen bought for her yesterday that are too big for her.  I suggested she wear something else, but since they were new that’s what she wanted, and since we were heading out the door and I didn’t care that much, I let it be.

So dressed, we went to the mall for lunch.  Amanda’s grandparents, Anna and Kirsten were there and Amanda arrived a few minutes after we did.  I left a little after I ate, but Amanda, Milly and GG went shopping and Milly got her first “school clothes”.  Milly was wearing new shoes when she came in.  Amanda explained that the flip flops had started hurting Milly’s feet.

Earl, who had been at a doctor appointment, came and picked Peggy up.  They looked at some of our Eurotrip photos and then went home.  I worked on sorting through all the pictures for a bit, Amanda watched The Bachelorette and Milly watched Tiny Toons and Bo On the Go.

It’s somehow funny that Milly is watching Tiny Toons.  It was on a few days ago when we were flipping through the channels and I told her I used to like the show.  She checked it out and apparently she likes it too.  It makes me think of when I used to go to Mum Mum and Pup Pup’s after school.  I’d do my homework then watch Tiny Toons, Rescue Rangers, Tailspin and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and eat apples.  Or I’d play computer games.  That’s what I remember anyway.

I spent most of the working part of the day following up on sales leads.  I’ve got one or two more to contact tomorrow.  I spent the evening continuing to sort through pictures.

Sad MillyAmanda decided to let Milly know that tomorrow was going to be her last Kookie Day (since Kookie will be going off to college at UNC Asheville).  That’s what we call Wednesdays because Kirsten has come to babysit Milly during small group for years.  I just had to take this picture of her taking the news.  It’s so sad.

Fortunately, when I texted it to Kirsten she told me she was wrong and would have one more week with Milly.  We didn’t tell her that though, just in case it didn’t happen.

Amanda and I ended up reading new stories about the changes our state is making to education.  I really can’t stand a lot of the things going on in the government of North Carolina right now.  Amanda has never been a proponent of hitting the straight party vote, and really I don’t think it should even be an option, but it’s really hard to consider voting for a Republican right now.

Zach Dotsey