I mowed just about first thing this morning.  We thought about going to the beach after, but Amanda wasn’t feeling great.  She worked on a Shutterfly photobook for our #Eurotrip most of the day.

We watched Maddox for a bit while Christen did some necessary running around.  He and Milly played fine for the most part, though her feelings were hurt when he said he didn’t want to be a prince.  She hasn’t learned to accept that not everyone wants to play the same thing she does all the time yet.

Later in the afternoon, I tried convincing Milly to go to the park with me so I could play some disc golf.  She wasn’t up to it.  Then I saw that Nick had sent a text out a few hours ago saying he was thinking about taking Eli to do that too, so I got in touch with him to see if he’d gone yet.  He hadn’t, but he was still up for it, so I tried to get Milly to go using that.  Well, that didn’t work either.

I ended up picking up Nick, Eli and Ada (Amy was working).  When Eli asked about what car we were taking, I told him we were taking my car, the Escape.  He said, “The steak?”  I like my cars to be named, and I like it to happen organically, and so Eli just named my car.

For the record, my last car, the Oldsmobile, didn’t have a name.  The car before that did though.  It was named by my college friend and last college roommate, Charlie Collicutt.  Its name included the model, which was a aTaurus  The one before that, my first car, was an ’88 Chevy Celebrity.  My friend Ben Byrne dubbed it the Wedge: the simplest machine known to man.

Anyway, the Escape has now earned the name “the Steak”.  Thanks, Eli.

So Nick, Eli, Ada and I made our way through the front nine.  Nick and I tied, though to be fair he was using discs that were unfamiliar to him.

I arrived home to Milly playing with dolls just a few minutes past her bedtime.  Tristen had come over, and after I put Milly to bed I joined her and Amanda hanging out and chatting on the porch.  Nick (Other Nick, Meyer) came by later and we all hung out for a bit.

Zach Dotsey