I worked on my site for most of the day.  Amanda went out to help Michael with something, so I was left with Milly for part of the afternoon.  That was cool until she saw Kenzie and Kimber outside and wanted to go play with them.  I had the idea of moving work to my new laptop and letting them play in our yard so I could at least keep an eye on Milly.  That wasn’t a bad idea, and turning the sprinkler on not only helped the yard but kept them all occupied.

Christen and Maddox came over after a bit, though Christen went to get Gracie and Bear, the dogs, and brought them back to play with Harvey.  It wasn’t too easy to keep working while watching four kids, though to be fair I pretty much gave up when it was only three of them.

Then I was invited to go hang out with a few guys for the evening.  For most of the summer, Nick Warkentien, Gregory Mason, Brent Holloman and Doc Reed have been hanging out having bonfires at each other’s houses.  I’ve been invited before, but we’ve pretty much always had something going on.  At ay rate, I did that a little after Christen and Maddox left.  Amanda was giving Milly a bath when I took off.

In addition to all the fellas, Amy, Eli and Ada were at the Masons’, which is where the bonfire was tonight.  The kids all went to bed shortly after I got there and the ladies stayed inside.  Greg told me Amanda and Milly could come too, but Milly wouldn’t have wanted to get over there, see some of her best friends, then go right down to sleep.

When I got there it was just Greg and Nick.  Brent had something come up, but Doc showed up later.  There wasn’t much to it- we just sat around, some of us had a couple beers, chatted.  I think it was about midnight when I went home.

Zach Dotsey