Amanda woke me up telling me that Milly was calling for me around 5:00 this morning.  I actually fell asleep downstairs and hadn’t been in my own bed for but a half hour or so.  When I went in Milly said she’d had a nightmare.  I asked her what it was about and she thought a minute then told me it was an evil princess.  Yeah.  I think she’s starting to make these things up so she can get in our bed.  I didn’t want to argue the point, tired as I was, so I just told her to go ahead and get in bed with us.  She kept wanting to get out from under the covers then back in, or turn around with her feet in Amanda’s face.  At some point she told me she wanted to get back in her own bed.  “That’s fine,” I told her, then rolled over and went back to sleep.

I took Milly to play with Penelope at Matt’s apartment today (and Adeline, she seems to love Milly).  Milly was excited about going to a pool, but when we got there she’d only go up to the steps.  Matt even had an extra floatie she could use, and I had to fight hard to get that on her.  Once I got her out in the water with it, even with my hand on her, she was terrified.  Never mind that she’d used floaties at my parents’ house before and really enjoyed them.

Meanwhile, Penelope was diving underwater and Adeline, in her floatie, was swimming all over the place.  Matt did say it was only a couple weeks ago that Penelope started swimming like that, and she’d been like Milly prior to that.

I relented after Milly swam herself (crying the whole way) to the rail on the side of the pool.  She got out, peeled off the floatie and never got back in further than the steps.  Oh well.  She had fun after that, even though she didn’t really go anywhere.

During lunch there was a squirrel that walked almost all the way up to the pool area.  The girls threw it scraps of food that it kept getting then running a little bit back to eat.  They were entertained.

Karen was in town, so Amanda and Milly went out to see her for a little bit and look at things at Blue Moon.  When Amanda got back she said Milly had been cranky the whole time.

Amanda called around and got the Warkentiens to watch Milly tonight so we could, at long last, go see Man of Steel. Yesterday there were only two showings of it.  Today there was only one.  The Meyers joined us, even though Nick had already seen it.  We were planning on treating them for his birthday a while back, and this was the first chance we got to do it.

Before the movie we took Milly to Islands then to Brilliant Sky.  Amy was out and about, so she swung by there to get Milly.  We picked her up around 10:00 I think, and she was out.  She was very sweet talking to me when I took her up to bed, asking about her monkey light (night light) and telling me that she loved me.

Zach Dotsey