I spent almost the entire day updating a website for a client.  It’s not 100% finished, but I’m pretty happy with where it is and where it’s going.  It’s almost there.

Amanda found a pretty fat tick just under Harvey’s eye today.  Both of us grew up in the woods and are used to ticks, but neither of us could get it off of him.  We tried nail polish remover and I would have tried a blown-out match, but it was too close to his eye.  And I’m not sure how that would have worked with the polish remover either.

Amanda ended up taking him to the vet because after some poking and prodding I ended up breaking the tick.  She mentioned to them that he’d thrown up a few days ago and they said it was probably nothing, but they gave him something for it anyway.  I really like the people where we take Harvey, but my goodness they aren’t cheap.  All of that was about $80, which is ridiculous because half of it was for removing the tick and the other half was for medicine we didn’t ask for.  But hey, at least they trimmed his nails.

Milly's First Banana SplitAmanda and Tristen went to the Wine Sampler tonight.  Milly’s developed a bit of a cold, so we were just chilling at home.  We were playing Minion Rush on the iPad when she asked what a banana split was.  (In the game, banana splits give you double bananas, which act as money.)  Instead of explaining it I decided to take her to get one, so we went to the Hershey Ice Cream place at Market and Gordon.

It was raining, so Milly had me rushing.  On the way there I was trying to find a clean version of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems because I’ve been trying to get her to say, “If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for ya, son.  I got 99 problems, but [this] ain’t one.”  She won’t do it much, but it entertains her that I do it.  I told her I was trying to find a clean version of the song because the regular one has words that are inappropriate for children, so she had her ears covered for half of the ride.

Amanda and Tristen had just gotten back when we got home.  Tristen is one of Milly’s favorite grown-ups, so Milly had a monopoly on her until she went to bed.

After Tristen left Amanda and I finished catching up on this past season of Supernatural, which we’ve been working on over the past week or two.  While it was a cool episode, I was a bit disappointed in the Winchester boys.  They had a chance to close the gates of Hell and Dean got Sam t o stop because it would have killed Sam.  I mean, didn’t they kind of think that would happen when they started it?  And wasn’t that the point of the entire season?  They’ve been through an awful lot to toss it aside at the end of the road.

On the plus side, Crowley was nearly “cured” of being a demon and he had some good scenes with Sam where you could see he was changing.  If they keep him conflicted going into next season, that could be really cool.

Cas has been de-angeled, but all the angels have been expelled from Heaven.  They’ve got a lot going on heading into the next season, which starts in a month or two.

Zach Dotsey