While I was still in bed, I heard Amanda talking to Milly about moving into a new room.  We’ve talked about shifting some rooms around for a while- moving my office to the guest room (and adding a futon or a pullout bed for guests) and moving Milly to the current office.  My biggest thing is that I want to put a new floor in the current guest room first.  We pulled the carpet up some time ago and it’s now just bare concrete.

Fortunately, Amanda didn’t try to get all that done today, but I do feel like we had a pretty busy day.

First things first, Amanda went out to get a few things for dinner and… something else I think.  While she was out, I finally got around to replacing the dimmer switch in Milly’s room.  It’s been a bit finicky lately, and I bought a replacement, but hadn’t had a chance to actually replace it yet.  So I did that today.  I did go next door to consult with my neighbor, Peter, who is an electrician, about something.  I was over there for a couple minutes and left Milly home watching Franny’s Feet.  She knew where I was going and that it wouldn’t be long though.  Amanda was there when I got back.  She thought Milly was joking when she told her I had left.

I got the dimmer installed without incident.  It was easy, but I was a little over-anxious about making sure I did everything right.

After that I put another coat of paint on the steps.  Amanda had done two coats while I was in Kentucky, but I thought it could use another, and it did look nicer after the third.

I guess that was mostly it for chores, but it felt like more.  I did take the recycling when the rain stopped, but that wasn’t a huge deal.

Robin, Amanda’s college roommate, and her boyfriend, Aaron, came over for dinner tonight.  Amanda made white chicken chili.  Robin is always good with desserts and brought a cake.  Yeah, I need to get back to not eating snacks and desserts again, but it was really good.

Anyway, they hung out and we all just sat around talking for a while until they left.  Amanda went to bed afterwards and I decided to spoil myself by playing some Assassin’s Creed 3.  It’s been a while since I let myself spend much of a night playing games.

Amanda found out that the network stations were missing from our satellite.  She was on the phone for a while with a lady trying to get it fixed, but nothing worked.  We just have to check again tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey