We planned to do the second coat of polyurethane on the steps on Friday morning, but Nick and Amy asked if we’d be able to watch Eli and Ada Friday night, which wouldn’t be very easy to do if we didn’t have access to half of our house.  To that end, Amanda suggested that I could do the steps tomorrow morning, which shouldn’t take long, so that was fine by me.

In the process of that conversation, Amy invited Milly over to play with the Warkentien kids, so off she went for a few hours until Amanda picked her up after work.  Milly’s had/got a very busy social schedule this week.  There was Nana on Monday, Maggie and Penelope on Tuesday, Eli and Ada on Wednesday, then she’s got Callie and Brynn tomorrow.  Oh, and Amanda mentioned having the Johnsons over Friday night as well, so on Friday night we’ll have Eli, Ada, Jacob and Emma Love all over here at one time.

Speaking of the Johnsons, Stephanie came by and whisked Amanda off to Mia Kay’s baby shower then small group after that.  We decided to split up into guys and girls groups for a few weeks, so they went to the Sawyers’ and I (along with Nick and David) went to the Johnsons’.

We’re doing a video series called Stepping Up, which is for guys about, well, stepping up as a man.  This week coved courage.  We didn’t get through all of the questions as we got sidetracked by some other discussions, though they were good too.

Michael watched Milly by himself tonight a sJenn had to work.  He said they had fun playing ball and Little Big Planet and such.  Before he came over Milly drew a picture of him and her and Jenn at the beach.  That seems to be Milly’s expression of love lately.  If she draws you a picture that means she loves you.

Speaking of doing things for love, Milly has begun manipulating by saying she wants you to do something “because I love you.”  “I want you to get that for me because I love you.”  It’s so sweet the way she says it that it’s hard to say no.  All the requests up to this point have been pretty simple ones that I’d have done anyway though.

Zach Dotsey