I’ll admit that I got a very late start today.  Milly was invited to join her friends Maggie and Penelope at Port City Gymnastics.  They have open gym from 9:30 to 11 for $5.  I was supposed to leave her there with them, but Melissa’s brother-in-law, Matt, showed up and I ended up talking to him for pretty much the whole time.  I did enjoy talking to him, but I’d also have felt bad leaving him there alone.  When I walked in, the only male above the age of five, I felt like I was walking into a women’s restroom or something with all the moms around.

Melissa, who drove Milly to Maggie’s afterward, later told me that Milly and Penelope were really cute on the drive.  She had put both of their seats in the backseat and she said they felt like big girls back there.  I’d loved to have seen it.

I had a couple errands to run, which I was already going to do anyway, so I did those then met Amanda for lunch at Plaza Mariachi.  I had called her after leaving Port City gymnastics and suggested lunch.  I let her pick the place.  I’ve been to Plaza Mariachi several times and always thought the food and service was very good for a nice price.

I got home and got to work after that.  Amanda went to pick up some bagels and then picked up Milly, who called me from the car and asked if I’d carry her from the car and drop her on the couch, which I was glad to do.  I guess all the playing tired her out a bit.

After I finished working I played ball with Milly.  Then we played Superman and Supergirl and went outside to listen for people in need or help before flying off and rescuing them.  We did it inside too, where we ended up finding a bunch of imps who could walk through walls.  Supergirl beat them up, froze them with her breath, wrapped them up in chains then passed them to me.  I then threw them in jail.

That all morphed into Milly becoming a princess who kept getting captured by bad guys.  Come to think of it, they were all good guys who’d gone bad, apparently.  One was the Hulk who had turned bad and two other times it was a gang of different colored Silver Surfers, which is something Milly saw on Super Hero Squad once.

As Amanda wrote an article for me (contributing to the work cause) Milly and I sat on the bed upstairs and watched Toy Story until about 7:30, then I gave her a bath, we read Where the Wild Things Are and she chose Amanda to stay upstairs with her for two minutes tonight.

After that Amanda and I watched two more episode of The Following.  I took the trash out after she went to bed and discovered that one of our banana spiders, a smallish one, but still not that small, had made a web in front of the trash can.  I took a branch from a bush and brushed it off to the side and examined the trash can very closely before I wheeled it out to the street.

Zach Dotsey