the-followingAmanda and I started watching The Following tonight, having caught up (at last) on all our regular shows.  We both enjoyed it, and I’ve liked James Purefoy, who plays the Poe-obsessed baddie, since he played Mark Antony on Rome.  We watched the first two episodes.

Karen watched Milly today.  They went to Krispy Kreme then went to see Turbo at Mayfaire.  Afterwards they went to Brilliant Sky where Karen got Milly a ball (similar to the one they gave her yesterday) and some putty-like goop that Milly spent most of the day playing with after she got home.

I spent most of the day doing small things then spent the later afternoon and part of the evening putting some finishing touches on a website redesign.  I plan on showing it off tomorrow.

Amanda was on the phone with her grandma discussing things to pick up from Costco for Labor Day while Milly was eating dinner.  I was still working, and Milly went into the bathroom but told me to tell Mommy not to be grumpy; she wasn’t done eating and was going to go back to eating, but she had to go to the bathroom.  So I assured her nobody would be grumpy, got up and told Amanda, who was sitting on the bed in the guest room, not to be grumpy.

After I finished working Milly wanted to play a game with the two new balls.  We were in the hallway, and it started out where we would pass them to each other at the same time, and if one of us missed we’d have to switch sides.  Then it turned into throwing the balls at each other, and finally I was Superman and she was Supergirl and we took turns tossing the balls at the other person so they could punch them.

When we were putting Milly to bed she told us she had three… what was the word?  Worries?  Troubles?  Something along those lines.  It ended up where Amanda had to solve these three problems of hers.

The first was that there was a monster in her heart.  Amanda told her that the monster couldn’t be there because Jesus was there.  Milly explained that the monster was on Jesus’s head.  Amanda said Jesus was bigger than the monster only to be told the monster was as big as Jesus, so Amanda told her that God was protecting Jesus.  Milly said the monster was on God’s head, and Amanda told her that God created everything, so he didn’t have to worry about the monster.  That seemed to satisfy her.

The second trial was a ladybug who was also a spider.  Amanda told Milly that it was like the pair of pale green pants from the Dr. Seuss story, meaning that it looked strange and scary, but it was actually very nice.  Milly conceded that the ladybug-spider was wearing pale green pants.

The third was that Vidia, one of the Disney fairies, had kicked Tinker Bell.  She went on to say that she had kicked all the other fairies: Silvermist, Iridessa, I think Rosetta, and even Clarion, the Queen of the Fairies.  Amanda said that Vidia would have to go in the corner for four minutes, and when she got out she’d have to apologize to all the other fairies.  This satisfied Milly.

Milly decided to go to sleep as a baby fairy, which was something she came up with this morning while we were playing before Karen got here.  While we don’t generally advocate her acting like a baby, I don’t really care as long as she’s not talking like one and she doesn’t do it aside from when she’s playing.

Anyway, she asked me to gently scratch her back after she got comfortable in her bed and decided to be a baby fairy after putting her down.  That made me think about how I used to gently rub over her eyes to help put her to sleep when she was teeny tiny and how long I’ve been kissing both her cheeks and her nose (and often her forehead) before “getting nose” and telling her, “I love you, Meliamae.  Good night, little girl.”  I wonder how many times I’ve done that.  I wonder how many times I will do that.

Zach Dotsey