I took Milly with me to wash the car today. She wanted to help at first, but soon she got back into the Steak and stayed there the rest of the time. I had a busy day ahead, but the thing was pretty badly in need of a washing.

The rest of the day was spent sending out web design agreements, setting up newsletter, updating sites and the like. It was a bit stressful.

Milly watched very little tv today, so she seems to be adjusting well to that. She sang a lot today, in the car and later when she and Amanda were outside. I don’t know what she was singing outside, but I could hear it from the office. Later on she was singing “la la la” while making her Tiana and Naveen dolls dance.

Reece came over with Jacob after his first time coaching soccer to three-year-olds. There was a lingerie party going on at his house, so he figured he would stay out for a bit. Milly and Jacob played, though they initially disagreed on what to play. They ended up doing the stomp rocket first, Jacob’s preference, then playing upstairs like Milly wanted.

After they went to bed Reece, Amanda and I sat around chatting then played 7 Wonders, which I won. It was kind of a big deal because he and his wife, Stephanie, were the winners the two other times we’ve played our copy of the game. I ended the reign of the Johnsons.

I watched the rest of the episode of The Following that Amanda and I watched last night, since I’d nodded off (through no fault of the show) towards the end after Reece and Jacob left.

I’m partially watching Solomon Kane right now. It stars James Purefoy, who is also in The Following.

Zach Dotsey