Fell asleep on the couch last night, which isn’t uncommon, but I didn’t wake up until 6, so instead of going upstairs I figured I’d make an early start of the day.  I was sitting at the computer maybe 20 minutes when Milly walked in.  She told me she’d gotten in my bed because her hands and feet were cold.  Amanda later told me she’d gotten in bed with her around 6 and didn’t know I wasn’t there until Milly asked where I was.

Got a lot done today, though I’ve still got a number of things I’d like to do before tomorrow is done.

Small group was at the Meyers’ for the guys, so Reece picked me up on the way while Amanda went to his house, which is where the ladies were.

Nick had picked up dinner from Jackson’s BBQ.  I ended up mixing the barbecue with baked beans, yams and bits of hush puppies.  It was David’s idea (well, the barbecue and hush puppies were anyway) and it was awesome.

We had some good, introspective discussions.  The series we’re doing is called Stepping Up, which explores what it means to be a man.  A lot of focus tonight was on what got u s to where we are and what causes some people to get stuck and not grow up.

Michael and Jenn babysat Milly.  They played with bubbles and such.  Michael told me Milly tripped and got some scrapes while they were outside.  I have no idea how bad it was, but I’m guessing not terrible.  Guess I’ll find out in the morning.  We also talked to them a little about their wedding planning.

We’ve still been cutting back on Milly’s TV watching lately.  She’s been drawing and coloring more, which is awesome.  Here’s a picture Milly drew on one of the drawing apps she uses on the iPad.  She told me it was a guy from Indian.


She was very sweet today and made me a bead necklace (though it was way too small for my neck).  She wanted to make one for Amanda before she got home from work, but we couldn’t find the beads then.  She also drew a picture for Jenn and had Amanda draw the two of them and Michael for her to color in.  Milly later personally added me.

She wasn’t as sweet at Costco when she and Amanda went though.  I’m told she pitched a fit about some popsicles and even grabbed Amanda’s face to demand some.  Amanda said if they weren’t in Costco she’d have spanked her on the spot.  I told her she should have told her she was going to be punished when they got home, but Amanda didn’t think about it at the time.

She’s going through her boundary testing, but we’re dealing with it.  She’s still, for the most part, ridiculously sweet.

Zach Dotsey