Amanda and I finished watching the first season of The Following tonight.  We both pulled out our iPads to check on a season two as soon as it was done, and while we’re excited to see it’s coming back, I’d have been perfectly satisfied if the series had ended the way the first season ended.  It would have pissed off a lot of people, but it was a good place to end.

Milly getting all growed up, iPad in papasanMilly did a good job of letting me work today, which was good because I have plenty to do, but I did take a few breaks to go watch or listen to her.  First she went upstairs and I heard her talking and singing with her dolls.  Later she came downstairs and I heard her telling her toys about God and how to write.  I went to go see what was up and she had brought down her Lalaloopsy house, her Merida castle and a bunch of dolls and figurines.  I asked her what she was doing and she said she was playing Princess School.  A little while later she came into the office, with a dress she had put on herself, and asked me to get her umbrella because she was going to dance with it outside.  I went into the kitchen a bit later to look out the back window at her and she was blowing bubbles, singing and dancing with her umbrella.

You know, the thing about her putting the dress on made me think about something.  Milly used to be all about her princess dresses.  Now she only really cares about putting them on when friends are coming over.  Maybe she’s starting to outgrown that phase?  I don’t know, she still likes princesses.

A couple other things she’s doing lately:

  • Spinning around in my old office chair.
  • Asking us to tickle her under her shoulders (armpits).
  • Praying quietly.  Amanda has told her she can pray silently, and when she does she closes her eyes and puts her hands together, but you can hear her mouth moving, even though you can’t hear anything coming out of it.  It’s adorable.

I picked up a Papa Murphy’s pizza today.  They’re so good.  I picked up a dessert pizza too, which was also really good.  Unfortunately though, Amanda had left it out to cool and when I went to put it away I found two… bugs… on it.  We just had the house sprayed a couple weeks ago, but we’ve still been seeing a lot of insects around.  I need to give Angus a shout.

Milly Packing for the BeachAmanda packed for the beach trip this weekend.  Milly decided to choose a couple toys, which ended up being two boxes of toys, many of which she doesn’t even play with.  I mean, Milly, why do you want to bring fake flowers to the beach?

A little while ago, while I was doing some after-midnight work, I heard Milly crying.  I went upstairs and found her next to our bed.  I asked Amanda if she cared, and she said she was too tired to fight it, so I put Milly on my side of the bed and gave her a kiss.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to make a place for myself there or not.  I probably will.  It might be hard to sleep if Milly gets kinetic, but she’s so sweet.  She’ll sometimes rub our faces like I rub hers when she’s going to sleep.