I have a good internal alarm clock. Amanda suggested I set my phone’s alarm for 8:00 last night. I did not do this, but woke up at exactly 8:00 anyway.

Milly slept with us for a good portion of the night, and she didn’t bother me at all except that she doesn’t like being covered up all the time, so she pushed the covers down a few times. Neither Amanda nor I realized she had gotten out of bed, by she was already downstairs when I woke up.

I gave Milly some food then went to Wrightsville Beach to pick up surf boards for the weekend. I talked to Anna and Brent while I was there then got caught by the bridge being up. Milly’s preschool open house was at 9:30, and I got back to the house in just enough time for everyone to load up in the car and go. Our original plan was to finish packing before we left then go from the school to Topsail Beach, but that didn’t happen. Fortunately, we only live about half a mile from the school.

We saw the Sawyers, Masons, Warkentiens and Coulbourns (in that order) and, after a short introduction, went to the classroom Milly will be in and met her teacher, Mrs. Adams. Milly was a little timid walking to room, but after she got there she was quick to start playing and even introduced herself to another little girl. We hung out there for a bit and let her play with her friends and meet her teacher.

We got home, finished loading up and headed off for Topsail. We were the first people there and, as we do most years, picked up the keys. We unloaded everything and a few minutes later went back to the other beach house to help Amanda’s grandparents, who’d just arrived, unload their stuff. While I was helping Earl unload

bananas at the tableWe asked Milly to help unload all the supplies that were brought for the weekend, so she took it upon herself to separate a bunch of bananas and lay them out on the large table.  A very important task indeed.

I did a little work, took a short nap then went out on the beach to play with Milly.  Everyone else trickled in throughout the afternoon and evening.  The last to arrive were Barry and Kirsten.  He had driven to Asheville to pick her up and they didn’t get in until after Milly was in bed.

The game of the night was Small World Underground.  We had too many people playing, so I stopped out in order for the ones who hadn’t played or didn’t remember having played the original Small World last year or the year before a chance to play.  Michael won.

As for me, I spent some time talking to John David.  Amanda would tell you he’s her cousin, which is true, but technically speaking he’s her mom’s cousin.  I enjoyed getting to know him a bit better.

Zach Dotsey