Amanda got up this morning and found Milly sleeping at the bottom of the stairs. She had been in out floor the night before. She was looking forward to seeing Kookie. Hannah later told me that she had seen Milly looking in the door of the room she was sharing with Kirsten and invited her in. Milly was very happy to see Kirsten. Kookie. What have you.

We had the usual Lemons breakfast, complete with Earl’s cheese biscuits. I went back over the the beach house we’re staying in afterwards to do so articles that needed to be done today. While I was there Nick arrived in our Jetta with Eli and Ada. Amanda had the idea of letting him borrow it this weekend because Amy was out of town with their Forerunner and all Nick had was his air conditioners truck to haul the kids around in. Tristen showed up a few minutes after them. I showed them where to out their stuff and where to go to fine Amanda then finished up my work.

When I got to the beach Nick had his kids and Milly by the water. Milly and Eli were playing with boogie boards, thinking they were surfing. Milly was particularly proud and at one point exclaimed: “I can’t believe it! I’m really surfing!” Something like that anyway. Eli seemed to enjoy falling down every time a wave washed up whether it knocked him off balance or not and shouting “Wipeout!” They started out standing in surfing poses in hardly any water, but they both ended up sitting on their knees, which made it a little easier for what little bits of waves washed up to them to push and pull them a little.

Zach and Milly at Topsail BeachI surfed a bit, first by myself with Blue then with Michael in Terry. It wasn’t a crazy day, but I got the first wave I attempted and a few others. I enjoyed it. Most of the rest of the time I spent outside was spent digging holes for Eli, Milly and Ada to sit in.

Nick and his kids left, I took a shower, Tristen left, Amanda took a shower, I gave Milly a bath. Her hair, which had been in a French braid, was very matted and inundated with sand.

We had the fish dinner tonight, which means Jon Greene picked up pizza for himself, me, Jonathan and Tripp. Amanda gave Milly a fishtail, which was basically nothing but crisped breading. She liked that and she ate most of her fish, and yet we can’t get her to try a cheese biscuit for some reason. I’m glad she liked fish though. I wish I did.

Hannah in a high chairWe hung around for a bit then I took Milly back to our beach house to get ready for bed. After she went down we played Wits & Wagers. It was me and Amanda, Michael, Hannah (who sat in a high chair with the tray pushed all the way in) and Kirsten, Anna, Jonathan, his girlfriend and Tripp. Amanda and I were winning until the last round wherein Tripp went pretty much all in on the right answer and won.

Most of the crowd dispersed after that and the remnants of us sat around talking for a few hours.

Duke beat NC Central 45-0 in one of many college football games today. Well it’s Central, you say. Yes, but blowing them out is better than losing the season opener to Richmond like they did a few years ago.

Zach Dotsey