It was my day to get up with Milly, so I did.  She and I got dressed and walked over to the other beach house.  For some reason I assumed people would be up at 7:30, so when I found the door locked I called Karen, who was asleep.  Milly and I walked around to the back of the house and met her there, but she told us everyone was still asleep so Milly and I ended up going for a walk on the beach.

It turns out that Pierre had been out there and saw us walking.  We talked to him when we got back and we all went up to the house together only to discover that Karen had locked the door behind her when she had gone back in.

cheese balls for cheese biscuitsI helped Earl roll cheese balls for the morning’s cheese biscuits.

Jared came for a bit, which was a shocker because he doesn’t usually like the beach.  Ashley is in New York currently.

Burned my back yesterday. I really prefer the spray, but I tend to forget spots when reapplying on my back.

Took a nap.

Spaghetti dinner.  Amanda and I forwent the trip to Dairy Queen.

Played Apples to Apples. I didn’t really feel like playing. Nine people played, so it took a while. I spent a good bit of time sitting out on the balcony. May have dozed off a time or two.

nine player apples to apples

Zach Dotsey