Milly blew up about some toothpaste this morning.  Amanda had put some on her toothbrush while the girl was using the potty, but Milly said she wanted to do it herself.  We explained that it was already there and that she could do it tonight, but she pitched a fit, woke up everyone in the house, I’m sure, and was sent to a corner in our room.  I made her apologize to everyone who had been sleeping in the living room.

The morning was mostly spent cleaning and packing then leaving for the long (half hour) trip home.  After unloading the car I went ahead and took the surfboards back to Anna and Barry’s.  Barry wasn’t in yet, but I talked to Anna for a good while.  It was just as well; when I was heading there, there were long lines of cars of people leaving the beach.  I didn’t run into any traffic on the way off.

I ran the Steak through a carwash on the way home.  The wind was blowing something fierce yesterday and there was a lot of particulate matter on it, so I thought a good scrubbing was in order.  There are a few spots I need to get by hand, but I’m thinking I should try to remember to run it through once a month or so.

Most of the rest of the day was pretty subdued, the usual “coming home from vacation” thing.  Amanda watched some Days, Milly camped out in the guest room watching Daniel Tiger on the iPad and I did some work.

The Warkentiens and the Meyers came over to watch Breaking Bad.  The Warkentiens stuck around a bit and we chatted.

Amanda and I had to fill out some info for Milly’s school, which she’s starting on Wednesday.  Three words to describe your child, a couple things they should know about them and what we’d like to see them improve on this year.  I can’t remember what exactly we put for everything, but it boiled down to Milly being outgoing, sensitive and helpful but impatient (and that we want her to work on her letters).

The Warkentiens came up with basically the same things when we asked what they’d put for Milly.  They hadn’t seen the paper and so it was a good thing we brought it up.

Zach Dotsey