Milly surprised us by not getting up by the time Amanda left for work. First thing she said to me today was when she ran into the room and told me she heard a small fly in her room and needed her fly swatter. (She has a fly swatter.) I didn’t know where it was and neither did she, but she insisted she needed something to get the fly with despite the fact that she had yet to actually see it. She reasoned that it might fly into her ear or mouth. I told her that probably wouldn’t happen u less she was on a motorcycle, which she accepted, but she said she still wanted something, so she took one of my sneakers to her room.

A few minutes later she called out to me and asked how I’d slept. We had a short shouting conservation about how we’d both slept well and she had dreams of princesses, fairies and mermaids.

Milly’s been very into Daniel Tiger lately, which is a spinoff of Mr. Rogers. It’s a “nice” show, so I didn’t mind her watching it a good bit today. At one point she had that playing while she colored in a coloring book/pad. She was doing a very nice job of staying in the lines.

Dance Class Season 2Of course I was working during all that. There was a good bit to do, especially since I had to have Milly ready for dance class. I took her to it and met Amanda out there. I stuck around to watch her a bit before I headed back home for more work. Milly introduced herself to another girl in the reception area named Liza. Today it was only the two of them and another girl named Ella. (Not last year’s Ella.) Amanda mentioned that last year’s class started off small too.

The other girls hadn’t taken dance classes before, so I think Milly felt kind of special.

She outgrew her shoes, not unexpectedly, so Amanda took her to get new tap and ballet shoes. She checked some used kids stuff place or another before.

I worked until 7. Milly wanted me to stop and read her a book or two, so we read Ballerina Ball (I think that’s what it’s called) and Little Quack. After that we played dolls. I had to be Naveen. He was flirting with all the princesses and equated pixie dust to a drug, but of course Milly didn’t pick up on all of that. I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately she didn’t listen very well when it was time to get ready for bed. I got tired of being ignored and having to repeat myself, so despite having just played Give Me My Milly and Throw Her on the Mommy and Daddy Bed and Share My Milly, she had to go in the corner for a few minutes.

Amanda and I watched an episode of Under the Dome, but I was tired and fell asleep towards the end. I did go upstairs to bed though.

Milly’s first day of Pre-K is tomorrow. I just can’t believe it. Clothes are picked out, lunch is made, we are ready to go.

Zach Dotsey