Took Milly to school- Amanda and I are alternating Fridays.  Amanda picked Milly up then came back home to finish packing up the car and we took off for Kerr Lake.

The trip was the brainchild of Adam and Joe.  They’ve been friends since they were little, and Erin and Kelly, Joe’s sister, were besties for a long time.  They decided to get both families together for a camping trip.  I heard that somewhere around 40 people came, which included everyone from my generation, parents (aside from Sheila Runkle, who passed away a few months ago) and kids along with a few of Joe’s friends.

We made one stop at Moe’s at Triangle Town Center to grab an early dinner and ended up right behind Mom, Dad, Erin and Adam, who all came in Mom’s truck which was towing her giant horse trailer, which has a bed, a table, a fridge, a stove and a bathroom with a shower.  We caught up with them on the last stretch of the trip.

Andra and her crew were already there.  Mom and Dad rented one campsite for all of us.  There was a small, I don’t know, I’d almost call it a lagoon, or at least a shallow inlet, between us and everyone else.  The walk along the road and through the woods wasn’t long, but it was definitely longer than going across the water, but the shore there wasn’t easy to walk either.

We unpacked then went to make our rounds.  Milly and Addy played in a bouncy house one of Joe’s friends (who owns literally every X-Men comic) had brought.  There were a number of kids Jackson’s age, so he had a ball.

Mike, the Runkle patriarch, and Jeremy, his youngest son, spenta good bit of time in our camp tonight.  After Milly and Amanda had gone to bed I went over to Joe’s part and hung out there with my siblings, Joe, Franny (his girlfriend) and a few of his otehr friends for a little while.

Zach Dotsey