Milly and Addy were supposed to sleep on cots in the trailer, but that didn’t work out, so they slept in Andra and Josh’s giant tent with us.  Milly did alright except for constantly pushing the sheets down.  She’s always complained about her feet getting hot.  Oh, and Josh’s snoring.  I poked Andra through the divider in the tent once to get her to poke Josh.

Today was a fun day.  It was spent on the shore (I refuse to call it a beach) on the Runkle side.  Everyone set up chairs to sit in the sun, kids played in the water; the little ones in the shallows, the older ones swimming around.  At one point I told Amanda to not fuss so much over Milly, and of course she got a little deep and stepped in a hole.  I wasn’t around then, but Joe was and he pulled her out of it.  She later referred to him as a superhero.

Milly also got hooked.  Jeremy was fishing and Milly was behind him, and when he went to cast his line, the hook caught Milly.  Fortunately it only got her as much as people will sometimes put a needle through the skin of their finger.  It was fine; there wasn’t even any blood, though she and Jeremy were both shaken.  Jeremy, who has a mental disability, was very sweet (which I point out only because it somehow made how sweet he was being all the sweeter).  Someone mentioned that he had gotten a hook stuck in him before, so he was very sympathetic.

Poor Milly.  Got in the water over her head, got fish hooked and yesterday she fell down an embankment after Amanda warned her about how steep and unsteady it was.

I spent a lot of time on water activities today.  I paddle boarded for the first time and really enjoyed that.  Even Mom gave it a try.  I kayaked first in Mike Runkle’s kayak, going around the bend of our campsite then all the way across the water to the far shore, which may have been Virginia, then later in Kelly and Bruce’s inflatable kayak so I could take Milly and Addy at the same time.  I also went out on Robin (formerly Runkle) and Jeremy’s boat to try wake boarding.  Neither Adam nor I were able to get up on that.  I tried until I thought it might not be in the best interest of my health.  One time the water kicking up off the board was pouring directly into my face and I swallowed probably a gallon or two of lake water.  Another time it twisted my knee.  The last time when I couldn’t hold on anymore the handle popped one of my toes.  I switched to kneeboarding after that.  I hadn’t done that in probably 20 years, but I was much better at it.

Dad was gone most of the day.  He had a golf tournament he does every year and had borrowed the Jetta to go to it.  It’s a shame he missed today, which was the bulk of the trip.

For dinner we made pizza of a sort.  I guess it was more of a stromboli really, in that you put all the toppings and whatnot on then roll it up.  We wrapped them in foil and roasted them on the campfire.

Everyone but Amanda and I, who had just put Milly down to bed, went over to the Runkle side to hang out for a bit, but then most everyone came back over, including Joe and a few of his nephews (I think).  He told us some pretty amusing lawyer stories.

Zach Dotsey