Adam was missing last night.  Not really I guess, but nobody seemed to know where he was.  Turned out he had gone to bed around 9:00, but nobody knew.  I’m sure he was pretty sore from his attempts at wakeboarding too.

We woke up today and took our time packing up.  Andra made some toasted sandwiches with butter, cream cheese, sugar and fruit (blueberries for the most part, but some people had strawberries too).

Milly got in some trouble.  She refused to eat a single piece of fruit no matter how much Amanda and I talked to her about it.  We got into it with her and I eventually took her a little away from the main part of the campsite to have a more serious talk with her.  It got to the point where I gave her a spank, which was maybe the second time I’ve ever done that.

I wasn’t too sore when I woke up, but as the day wore on I got more and more sore.  I might have overdone the paddle boarding, kayaking, (attempts at) wake boarding, kneeboarding and swimming just a bit.

As I said, we took our time getting all packed up and whatnot, but we ended up leaving around 11 or so, though checkout wasn’t until much later.  I was going to go say bye to all the Runkles, but all of them aside from Kelly’s and Robin’s crews were already gone.  I guess they were hanging out to play in the water some more.

Erin returned the iPad I let her use while she was doing work for me.  My original plan was to have an iPad for each of a certain type of client, but I’ve since gone away from that, making the iPad a little superfluous.  Actually, it was Amanda’s first, then I got a newer one, then I got a Mini, which is what I use now.  Because of all that, we ended up giving it to Milly, which Amanda is very glad of because Milly would play games and watch Netflix on hers.  She also had 16 or so games on it, so Amanda’s now able to reclaim not only her iPad, but space on it as well.

Yes, I feel a bit ridiculous that my four-year-old has an iPad, but what’s the alternative?  Amanda and I already have our own.  We could sell it, I suppose, but we’ve already got it, so why not keep it since it makes things easier for Amanda?  I could have let Erin keep it, but I don’t think she’d want to pay for it right now, and an iPad isn’t something I’d be cool with just giving away.

We got home and unpacked.  I fixed a website issue one of my clients had yesterday that I wasn’t able to fix since I wasn’t around.  After that I downloaded Erin’s personal pictures from the iPad and Dropboxed them to her then formatted the iPad and helped Milly put some games on it.  Then, exhausted, I took a nap.  I was very  tired.  Amanda asked me several times if she wanted me to take over driving for her.

The Warkentiens came over with the kids sometime around 7:00.  Eli had a spill yesterday and his face is all scabbed up from faceplanting onto a paving stone, or some such.  Poor kid.  He looks tough though.

The Meyers came over too and we all watched Breaking Bad.  It ended with a gunfight with Hank and Gomie behind a car with a shotgun and a pistol versus a gang of skinheads with machine guns.  They drug out the final scene a bit longer than was realistic.  I think we all fully expect Hank and Gomez to be dead pretty soon into the next episode.  My prediction for the opening scene is the aftermath.  I think showing Hank lying dead on the ground will be just as powerful, if not more so, than showing him getting blasted to bits.

Breaking Bad is such a good show.

Zach Dotsey