Slept with Milo in the guest room last night. She was whimpering when I went to bed and I thought she might start barking. She snuggled up against my legs.

Amanda made pancakes: blueberry, raspberry, chocolate chip.

Amanda and Milly went to Old Navy, got some on-sale items for colder weather.

Milly to Addie Sykes’s birthday party.

Watched Duke lose to Pitt. Looked like they were out of it several times but final score was 53-50. Second highest point total ever in an ACC game.

Whole family went to Costco.

Went to neighbors’ house for dinner. Pete and Alisha had a few other friends over too. Milly was a hit with everyone once she opened up. They offered to let her sleep upstairs in Melanie’s room so we got to stay a little later.

Played Battle of the Sexes. Guys shut out the girls, three trophies to none. Enjoyed our evening hanging out with them.

Carried Milly back home.

Zach Dotsey