I finally finished the form I’ve been working on pretty much all week.  I’m redesigning a website that provides all kinds of different insurances, and previously they had a ton of forms, some of which collected a lot of the same information.  I took all those forms and combined them into one, but using conditional logic they only show the information you need for the insurances you’re interested in.  For example, you could choose health insurance and auto insurance, and you’d be prompted to fill out the specific information for both of those.  It involves over 200 forms fields and combines 19 or so different types of insurance, so it was a bit of an undertaking, but it’s really cool, really efficient, and on top of being something that will be useful for the client, it’s something I think I’ll get to show off.

At one point I really needed to buckle down and concentrate, so I put on some headphones and listened to Poison on Spotify.  Not that Poison makes me concentrate, but music did me some good and I was feeling the rock of my younger days.

Milly going to schoolBefore all that I took Milly to school and picked up biscuits for breakfast for myself and Amanda.  I did my workout.  Hannah dropped her dog, Milo, off for the weekend.  She’ll be out of town with her parents visiting Kirsten and I think Christian was going out of town too.  Milo (a girl, just for the record) and Harvey played a bunch outside, but I think Harvey eventually wore down.  Aside from barking a bunch, Milo’s been really good.

Milly came in talking all about school for a change.  She’s usually just kind of “whatever” about it.  Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys it and was even disappointed when there was no homework a few days ago.  (Of course, at this point homework involves looking at pictures, coloring or practicing cutting straight lines.)  She’s just usually not very talkative about it.

Amanda and I had a date night scheduled.  The girls of small group worked out some kind of babysitting rotation, which means the Sawyers watched Milly tonight and at some point down the road we’ll be watching the Sawyer kids.  I dropped Milly off myself because Amanda was already out from picking Grant, Cyra’s nephew, up from school and wouldn’t have had the time to come back home then head right back out to the general area she was already in.  Milly went right in and started playing with Isaac.  I chatted with David and Jennifer for a bit then headed out.  It’s a shame we haven’t gotten around to hanging out with them more because I really like talking to them.

When I went upstairs to get Milly, her light was out, the monkey light and her radio were on and she was in bed, sleeping.  Her Lego girls were out for what she’d told Amanda was a fashion show that she’d done earlier.

I met Amanda at the movie theater, where she had already bought tickets to see Prisoners.  It’s one of those movies that makes you want to never let your kid out of your site.  Of course, it led me to ask myself what I would do if Milly were kidnapped and I thought I knew who did it.

Amanda and I were talking on the way home (via phone, since we were in different cars) and she said something about picking up some food while she went to get Milly.  I missed a call and text about possibly getting some Indochine and got some KFC bites.  Oops.

I talked to David on the way home and he said the kids had a great time.  They watched one show, but otherwise they were running around the house, having fun, playing hide & seek and the like.  Milly came home with a book they gave her.  It’s about a cat with white shoes who walks through things that change their color.  Milly already knew the book pretty much and she demonstrated the ability to spell a few colors.

Actually, Amanda worked with Milly on spelling colors a few days ago, now that I think about it.  She’s got a Tinker Bell game on the iPad where you have to make clothes for different fairies based on what they tell you they want.  Milly enjoys the game, but since she can’t read, she always has to ask us what she has to make.  I guess Amanda got tired of having to help her with it all the time, so she taught Milly how to figure out some of the words.  She picked up on it pretty fast.

After letting Milly read her new book to us and putting her to bed, Amanda and I spent the rest of the night watching a few more episodes of New Girl.  That theme song has been in my head since I put Milly in the car to go to the Sawyers’.  Here is it.

Zach Dotsey