My day was a bit of a blur.

One thing Milly enjoys doing is spinning around on the spare office chair behind me.  She does it all kinds of different ways, like she’s running, using one leg, skipping, laying down, legs wrapped around the back of the chair and so on.  Sometimes she comes up with names for the different techniques.

At one point today she was standing up spinning, and when she stopped she told me that she was the Queen of Wilmington out of nowhere.  I don’t know why that was so funny to me, but it was.

Another game she likes developed from one time, it had to be a month or more back, when I picked her up by her ankles and her hands at the same time.  As I was carrying her around like that, she declared, “I’m a sloth!”  So now sometimes she asks me to carry her like a sloth.

Milly and I went to the mall at 12:30 (that was the target arrival time, but we were about ten minutes late, mainly due to me working).  She chose her American flag dress, sneakers and a hairband to wear.  We met Amanda, Peggy, Earl, Anna and Hannah there.  Anna and Hannah remarked how much bigger Milly has gotten since they last saw her a few weeks ago on Labor Day weekend.

I stuck around to eat a bit, chatted with Earl then left after Milly dragged GG off to ride the train with her (after she squeezed some money out of GP for it).

Amanda went to the Wine Sampler with Tristen and Amy then went to a thing some of her coworkers were going to.  Their secretary was singing or something, so several of them went out to see her.

Also on the work front, Amanda’s supervisor was let go today.  They’re restructuring things a level or two up.

I worked until a little after 6 then took Milly to Maddox’s house.  I’d talked to Gavin about getting together tonight, but then Amanda reminded me that we had a leaders meeting at church, so Gavin said he’s watch Milly.  She and Maddox had both been saying they wanted to play together, so it was a good opportunity to do that.  Gavin got some Chick-fil-A and Milly tried ranch with her nuggets.  He said they played outside most of the night.  When I picked her up they were playing Lilo & Stitch.  Maddox would run into the room, make some crazy Stitch noise and wiggle all around, eliciting belly laughs from Milly.

I was solo at the leaders meeting tonight, since I let Amanda ditch me.  Lisa Stikeleather gave a talk then we broke up into pods like usual, but this time they put a few pods together.  We usually only had one or two couples attend, so I thought that was a great idea.  I kind of took charge getting the discussion going and apologized, saying I didn’t want to take over or anything, but the other advocates said I was doing fine and to keep right on ahead.  I didn’t get to stay the entire time because I had to get Milly at least close to her bedtime, but I thought the discussion we had, especially the part where we broke off to discuss an issue someone was facing in their small group, was really good.

Milly went to bed pretty soon after we got home and Amanda was home maybe 45 minutes after that.  We watched a New Girl or two then she went to bed.

I thought she looked very nice today, by the way.

Zach Dotsey